Aloah B. Kincaid Academic Enrichment Grants Annual Fund

Named in honor of former Booker T. Washington teacher and founder of the Booker T. Washington Foundation for Excellence, the Aloah B. Kincaid Academic Enrichment Grants Annual Fund provides financial support through grants for educational resources and academic based extracurricular needs. Aloah was an instrumental force in the transition of Booker T. Washington as a magnet school. It’s fitting that this fund continues the important work Aloah began.

Since its founding in 1993, the Booker T. Washington Foundation for Excellence has awarded nearly $1.5 million in Academic Enrichment Grants to Booker T. Washington High School. The Foundation’s grants help bridge the gap between academic needs and funding, and provide supplementary educational opportunities that would not otherwise be available to staff or students.

Throughout the school year, the Foundation awards grants to teachers and staff to help pay for activities and supplies important to teachers and students. Grants have been awarded for classroom supplies (e.g., science equipment, text books, etc.), academic and enrichment field trips, teacher professional dues, college placement exams, etc.

The Foundation is committed to its partnership with Booker T. and to maintaining the culture of excellence the school has cultivated for decades. In order to continue providing Academic Enrichment Grants in 2017/2018 and beyond we need your financial support. Although we do not yet know exactly what the grant needs for this year will be, based on presently submitted applications and prior year’s experience, we anticipate the following requests:

Projects Funded 2015-2016     Projects Funded 2014-2015

Anticipated Grant Needs for 2017-2018

Foreign Exchange Trips $14,000
JROTC Competition & Cyber Studies $14,000
New Requests $4,145
Speech & Debate Tournaments $15,000
Men of Power/Women Empowered College Tour $9,000
Academic Bowl Team $8,500
Robotics $8,000
School Plays $7,750
Anti-Plagarism Software $7,400
IB Exams (free/reduced lunch) $8,625
Choir Competition $6,500
Textbooks $6,000
Calculators & Math Equipment $5,000
Lab Supplies & Science Materials $4,500
Teacher Board Certification & Training $4,500
Music Equipment & Supplies $3,700
STEM Drone Team $3,000
Debate Coach $2,000
Field Trips $1,500
Ropes Course $1,280
Foreign Language Teacher Dues $600

Please help preserve Booker T.’s legacy with your contribution to the Aloah B. Kincaid Academic Enrichment Grants Annual Fund. Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate resources directed to academic endeavors at the Hive.

Grant Application & Instructions