Grant Application

How can you apply?

The Foundation is committed to supporting teacher grant requests as funds permit. Please complete your applications and submit them to OR return hard copies to our mailbox.

Download a digital version here:

2020-2021 Grant Application
2020-2021 Expedited Grant Application (up to $1,000)

Please note: The applications can be electronically signed but require that you open the form in Adobe Acrobat. By default, the link opens in your browser and it usually will not allow you to sign electronically – please use right click and select “Save link as…”, save the file on your computer and open it through Adobe Acrobat to enable the e-signature feature.

No applications can be considered without signatures from you, your department chair, and the principal.

How do I receive my funds?

If your grant request is approved, please complete this Check Request Form and submit it to Justin Moore at

If you have questions or would like assistance completing the application, please contact Signee House-Bland at

After you submit your application, a member of the Foundation board may contact you with questions or requests for additional information. Or you can use the contact form below:

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