Test Prep - PSAT


The Booker T. Washington Foundation for Excellence is dedicated to supporting students, teachers, and families as we strive for academic excellence and success.

One of our goals is to help support all our students with college readiness and resources to be successful on standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT which enables students to pursue entry to schools of choice and opportunity for scholarships.

As part of that ongoing effort we are providing to our students Comprehensive ACT Review Courses at no cost to our students with preference to seniors and juniors first. We believe a personalized, local approach to ACT/SAT prep with the help of experts with a proven track record will be a big benefit to students and parents.

We have coordinated with Megan Neely and Charlotte McGuire who have over 28 years of combined experience and expertise to bring this 4 week course that will be a combination of self-paced study, videos and interactive instruction offered virtually to keep our students safe and accommodate their busy schedules. This course which is typically offered at a cost of $300 will be available to our students at no charge sponsored by the BTW Foundation for Excellence.

We are excited to partner with you in your quest for academic excellence and look forward to bringing other opportunities for support in the future!

Register for the upcoming October PSAT/NMSQT here